What made ayen so busy?

Haven't blogged for few months 'coz i'm too busy with work and my new babies. Ooopss! I didn't get pregnant. How I wish lang di ba? Okay, heto na I'll tell you na what made me so busy these past few days.

I got a new baby puppy... His name is mackoo. Uber cute and kulit, kaya mackoo binigay na name 'coz he's super kulit at active. I bought him from my sister's officemate. Added happiness for me and for the whole family. Sobrang spoiled and bine-baby ng lahat. Kahit pagod at gutom ang inaabot ko pag-uwi ng bahay, nakakawala ng stress at pagod everytime na sasalubong sya sa ken. Wala man akong lovelife, hindi naman ako loveless.. haha! Maisingit lang. =p

At heto, yung kumakain ng weekend ko. My second baby.. my online shop! Recently, I had the interest trying out making polymer clay. And if you know me well. mahilig ako sa arts and crafts or kahit anong binubutingting. I didn't go to a workshop agad, I watched tons of tutorial videos in youtube and bought some poly clays and tried kung kd kaya ko ba gayahin yung mga napanood ko. I succeeded naman, so tinuloy-tuloy ko na. At ngayon, kumikitang pangkabuhayan na sya. hehe! I'll post some of my creation here. I also attended a workshop under Thin Villanueva "the chibi queen", so I can learn how to make chibi dolls.


name tags (keychain)


I make clay accessories 100% handmade by me. From earrings, rings, necklaces to cellphone charms and keychains. Best and unique gifts for souveneirs or giveaways.

My shop is already open for business. You can visit my page CLAY BITES BY AYEN on facebook, or text me @ 09273619721.