I've conquered!

I've conquered the longest zipline in Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon! will blog about this soon as i get back.


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Friday Shopping

loots for the day
Before leaving for another adventure trip, I shop for some things I'd be bringing for my trip. I file a vacation leave starting today until tuesday (Aug-2). Since I am on leave today, I started my day washing my clothes then when I was done I just rest for a bit and took a shower then I headed to SM Southmall for a little shopping. Grabe! Madaming Sale.. what's with July?! Kung wala lang akong lakad tyak ang dami kong nabili. Almost every shop is having their SALE!!! Pero syempre pinigilan ko ang sarili ko. hehe!
I was planning to buy an IPANEMA slippers pero wala yung gusto kong design. Oks lang, may slippers pa naman ako. Tama na muna yun. I headed to TERRANOVA and they're having a big sale. Up to 70% off! I drooled over a jacket, a spaghetti strap blouse and a long sleeve knitted shirt. Puro naka 50% un gusto ko. Pero nagpigil ako, kaya baggy 3/4 pants lang binili ko. Uber comfy ng pants. Perfect for a long trip.
595 php only (50% off)
I visited F&H which is having an end-season sale. I bought a shirt and a necklace with a camera pendant. Cute! Bagay dun sa binili kong pants.
necklace (149 php) shirt (359 php) with a 10% off
And of course, shopping wouldn't be complete if I don't go to BENCH. I'm inlove with their underwears. hehe! So I bought an underwire bra. I already have this style, in blue and in black, kaya para complete na bumili na din ako ng pink.
359 php
I was looking for a nice pair of shades kasi yung favorite shades ko courtesy of Ate Joy ay naggoodbye na. hehe! Then I saw this in MINT. A sunnies with leopard prints. cutie! May cute F&H na gradient black and white na sunnies. Next time yun naman bilhin ko.
300 php
I also bought a leather bracelet from THE BEADSHOP. Rockista ng onti ang dating. 
170 php
And this uber cheap belt from GENEVIEVE GOZUM. 
50 php only
And my last stop, syempre NATIONAL BOOKSTORE. I already finished the book "Something Borrowed" by Emily Griffin and I was looking for the next one which is "Something Blue". Unfortunately, the last copy has been sold already. Then I saw Sophie Kinsella's new book, "The Gatecrasher". I was torn between "Heart of The Matter" by Emily Griffin and "Gatecrasher" pero I decided to buy the latter.

275 php
Today's shopping costs me 1917 php. Not bad.. hehe!


What's in my tummy?

I have a kwento.. last night while eating my dinner at our store my mom talked about my sister's way of losing some weight. With her friends daw, they play badminton to lose weight. My mom said "hindi naman malaking mataba si eny, malaki lang ang tyan nun pro sakto lang un katawan". Me, looking at my tummy said " bakit nga ba ganun? tyan lang lumalaki sa min?". I'm having a hard time keeping my tummy small. Grabe kasi ako kumain nowadays and tamad ako magexercise. I'd rather lay in bed and read a book than to do some workouts. Tyan lang talaga problema ko.. saka hita and pwet. hahaha! Ewan ko ba, yung lower part lang ng body ko ang lumalaki! Heto na.. sumingit ang tatay ko sa usapan. "Ok lang sana kung malaki yan kung may lamang bata!" Sabi na dun na naman ang bagsak ng usapan. I told him, "so, sabi mo yan ha? gusto mo magkalaman ng bata to? Yun lang pala weh!" and my dad said, "I'm giving you my blessing" hahaha! Gusto kong tumambling! Hindi sya masyadong desparate magkaapo noh? kalokah ang tatay ko!


Team Building in Hongkong Lion

Hongkong Lion
 We held our team building last friday night in Hongkong Lion at Dampa along Macapagal Road in Pasay City. The first plan was to have an out of town outing but not everyone is available on the dates suggested so, we just decided to have an after shift dinner ala-dampa style. Dampa means a wet market where all sorts of frest seafoods can be bought and make it cooked from the nearby restaurants. (from wordnik) It's easy to spot the Hongkong Lion because it's near the wet market. In front of it is a dvd store.
behind me is the wet market
We accomodated the  VIP room on the 2nd floor. The room is free for 3 hours from the moment the food was served with unlimited videoke. 

Mommy Lyza, my teammate, went early to Dampa to arranged our reservations and she did all the buying of  seafoods from the market and coordinated with Hongkong Lion to cook our food.  We had baked tahong, buttered shrimp and crabs, sinigang sa miso, grilled tilapia and liempo. It was a sumptuous meal. Grabe bigat sa tyan!

It is also the birthday of our supervisor, Ate Anna. We bought a cake for her and greeted her a Happy Birthday lead by Myra's "kulot-kulot" voice. hehe!
Ate Anna
galit-galit muna!
limas ang mesa! hehe!
We were charged for 4800 php for all the food and cooking services and I guess it's a good deal for a group of 12. 
team Anna
Everyone enjoyed the food and company of each other. Uber laugh trip! Hope this is not the last.. more happy moments with us guys!


I'm Excited!!!

25 days to go for our most awaited trip! I'm uber excited na.. medyo matagal-tagal bago nasundan yung Palawan trip ko. We chose E-Philippines Travel and Destinations to organize our trip in CDO-Bukidnon-Camiguin because it offers the cheapest fee for a 3 destination trip. For 4050 php/pax for a group of 12, it's uber good deal na di ba? They also prepare an itinerary of our trip.


July 30
930AM pickup at CDO airport, private van transfers to Balingoan pier ( 2 hours travel time)
Take ferry to Benoni pier ( P150 per person per way- 1 hour travel time)
Pickup at Benoni pier, transfers to Paras Beach Resort
Countryside tour: Ardent Hot Springs/ Katibawasan Falls/ Macao Cold Spring/ Taguines Lagoon/ Santo Niño Cold Spring/
Tausan Falls/ Gui-ob Church Ruins/ Sunken Cemetery/ Vulcan Daan/ Tangub Hot Spring ( total of 8 hours)
* actual sites to be visited will be dependent on schedule and route. Entrance fees and meals are excluded.
White Island boat trip- best done after 300PM as the island doesn't have any shade

July 31
Early breakfast at Paras Beach Resort
Take 7AM to 8AM ferry back to Balingoan pier ( P150 per person per way- 1 hour travel time)
Its best to arrive as early as possible in Dahilayan Park during times that there will be a lot of tourists as well.
Please coordinate with the resort for the actual ferry schedule
Pickup at Balingoan pier and transfers to Dahilayan Adventure Park/ Forest Park/ Del Monte Plantation
Dropoff at Victoria Suites

August 1
Breakfast at hotel, check out and bring bags along
800AM pickup for Whitewater Rafting adventure with lunch
Straight to airport dropoff for 355PM flight out
You may take a shower after the rafting adventure
Additional P1,500 for photos (SLR camera)

Excited na ko gawin to:

photo source
at magpagulong-gulong gaya nito..
at malunod dahil dito... hehe!
white water rafting
at mamasyal dito..
Few more weeks, hope that the weather will cooperate. Please CDO , welcome us with sunshine! =)

Folded and Hung End of Season Sale!!!

Yes, it's true! It's F&H end of season sale this whole month of July! Clothes are 50% discounted. So what are you waiting for? Visit the nearest F&H branch near you!
Ang tagal ng payday!!!


5 Stages of Moving on a Heartbreak

I overheard about this "five stages of moving on in the office". Oo eavesdropper ako, ano magagawa ko ang lakas nila magkwentuhan. There are five stages daw, hmmm.. I don't think it applies to everyone kasi di ba case to case basis yan. O sya here are the stages:

First stage: Denial
You'll be numb and thinking this is not happening. You'll be hoping that everything will work out fine. 
You're living in a fantasy land kung iniisip mong ok yung relationship nyo kahit on the rocks na kayo, na may hope pa kahit it's the end of the road na for the both of you.

2nd Stage: Anger
Yes, people get mad and put someone into blame. A lot of cursing and hate words were given to the person you once loved. People thinks irrationally and tend to do things dangerously. Some are thinking of Revenge. There are ways you can release your anger and it's normal to get angry. It's part of the healing process. Let out the painful feelings inside. Sabi nila  make a hate letter, kung gusto mo isend mo sa kanya or isulat mo sa journal mo or have someone like a friend na maging shock and anger absorber mo.

3rd Stage: Bargaining or Compromising
You're trying to win him/her back. It's kind of pathetic asking for something and you know you'll never gonna get it. I may have compromised for a friendship kahit yun na lang pero it won't last. May mangyayari at mangyayari para masira yun. Based on experience lang.

Fourth Stage: Depression
Feel the pain. It is okay to cry and feel sorry for yourself. After a while, you'll get tired of all the thinking and crying. Most people wants to isolate themselves during this stage to think and let their emotions out. I know someone who hurt himself kapag depress. Naku mag-ingat, nakakabaliw ang heartache.

Fifth Stage: Acceptance
Believe it or not you'll eventually feel that it is over. You'll finally not feel anger or sad thinking about the situation. This is the time you'll think you're free and ready to see the world again. You'll get to realize how stronger a person you are overcoming that heartache. Ewan ko lang kung hindi ka mapagod kakaiyak at kakaisip kaya iaccept mo na lang na wala na, end na.. period.

One thing I can say about moving on, it doesn't require somebody new to finally say you have move on. I know some people says nakamove on na sila kasi inlove na sila ulit. I find it weird kasi parang you can't finally say you're ok kung walang kapalit yung dati. It doesn't mean being alone equates to loneliness. You can be unattached and be happy with your friends, family and of course with yourself. From my experience, having a good support system really helped a lot to easily let go. Salamat at may matyatyaga akong friends na hindi nagsawa sa pakikinig ng walang kawenta-wentang hinaing at sama ng loob ko. hahaha! thanks guys! I really appreciate the time and the advices. Makulit lang ako pero sinunod ko naman kayo di ba? To easen up the process, one thing na nakatulong sa akin is magpalit ng routine. If you're doing things with him/her before, try changing it. Don't go to places that will make you remember her/him. Go out with your friends. Pag heartbroken ako mas adventurous ako, so gala and shopping lang ang katapat nyan. Kung makikita mo naman sya, deadma lang, hindi ko hahayaang sumikip ang mundo ko ng dahil sa kanila. Yes, i have setbacks and I do feel sometimes annoyed and a bit angry pero it's normal naman di ba? I may have forgiven but I will never forget everything that has been said against me. Hindi ko na ieelaborate kasi baka maiba na yung title ng post ko. lol! 

"what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" -narinig ko lang to at hindi ko alam kung kanino galing.

Wellness Month by Bioessence

We had our Wellness Month and our company gave us a free massage and free facial served by Bioessence. We had 15 mins of each (massage and facial) which is kinda bitin. Bioessence gave a referral form where you can refer 8-10 of your friends for a free Bioessence voucher. It's a privilege pass where you can get one of these treatments: warts removal (5 pcs) , diamond peel, back massage and regular facial. Last thursday, I went home early and visit the nearest Bioessence in our place. I went there to inquire about the services they offer and the receptionist told me that I can try their back massage using my voucher. Since it's early pa naman to go home I tried their massage. It was supposed to be a dry back massage but the massaue put some oil on my back. She told me I have a lot of nodules (lamig sa likod) and need to go back for a full body massage. So I made an appointment to them supposedly today but because of my period I wasn't able to go. Maybe I'll drop by next week. 
Here are some of the services they offer:
basic facial - 600 php
active purifying facial - 1000 php
advance clarifying facial - 800 php
Aromatherapeutic facial - 900
back Acne cleansing - 900
Diamond peel - 1000 php

swedish massage - 680 php
shiatsu massage - 600 php
Relaxing combination massage - 680 php
Volcanic Stone Massage - 850 php
Herbal Foot Reflex - 680 php
Dry Back massage - 350 php

Bioessence Manila Branches:
WEST AVE. 68 Carbal Bldg, West Ave., Q.C.
371-2931 / 372-2649

GREENHILLS Unit 15 & 16 G/F Shoppesville
722-0712 / 722-0658

Greenhills 2nd Floor Fox Square Bldg.,
Connecticut Drive, Greenhills
722-0712 / 722-0658

SM MEGAMALL 5/F Bldg. B SM Megamall
634-3310 / 634-3311

STA.LUCIA CAINTA 3rd level, Phase 3, Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall
681-5310 / 681-7339

STA.LUCIA CAINTA Serenity Spa 2nd level, Phase 3, Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall

STA. LUCIA CAINTA Facial Haus G/F Phase 2,
Sta. Lucia East Mall
646-0450 / 645-6766

MAKATI Serenity Spa 2/F Gold Crest Bldg., Makati Comm., Complex
812-8552 / 817-2826

GREENBELT G/F LPL Tower Condo. 112 Legaspi St. Legaspi Village, Makati
813-3601 / 813-3617

SM FAIRVIEW Lower G/F, SM City Fairview
419-7549 / 419-7552

SM SOUTHMALL Unit 10 Lower G/F SM Southmall
806-5951 / 806-5943

LAS PIÑAS Expressions Bldg,, Pamplona Park, Zapote Rd. Las Piñas
872-2341 / 873-1326

Chua Chiaco Bldg. Juan Luna St. Binondo Mla.
245-6215 / 245-6189

Eruption of the Philippine Volcanoes!

If you're passing Edsa Guadalupe northbound lane, try driving safely. You might step on your break for a full stop because of the much talk about Bench billboard of the Philippine Rugby Team (thought it was the Azkals.. hehe!). Bench made Manila traffic more bearable for females and gays. They're sizzling hot! I hope they're not edited in photoshop. This is a good way promoting and asking for support for these athletes. These billboards are much talk about because of its size and detailed photos of the physiques of these men. OMG, they're really big. (yung muscles! hehe!) Among the Pinoy rugby players featured in the billboard are Fil-Aussies Francisco Bagis Guerra IV, Chris Alamil Everingham, Oliver Joseph Abalos Saunders, Jake Robrigado Letts, Michael De Guzman, Ned Plarizan Stephenson, Nicholas Ergina Perry; Fil-Chinese Daaran Seeto, and Fil-New Zealander Arnold Aninion.
Billboard: nakakahimatay! mag-ingat...
This will be a good wallpaper for my phone and laptop..for motivation and inspiration. hahaha!  Balita ko pwede iavail ang poster calendar ng PRFU any Bench or Bench Body stores nationwide. Kaya tara na!
Again.. be careful driving!