5 Stages of Moving on a Heartbreak

I overheard about this "five stages of moving on in the office". Oo eavesdropper ako, ano magagawa ko ang lakas nila magkwentuhan. There are five stages daw, hmmm.. I don't think it applies to everyone kasi di ba case to case basis yan. O sya here are the stages:

First stage: Denial
You'll be numb and thinking this is not happening. You'll be hoping that everything will work out fine. 
You're living in a fantasy land kung iniisip mong ok yung relationship nyo kahit on the rocks na kayo, na may hope pa kahit it's the end of the road na for the both of you.

2nd Stage: Anger
Yes, people get mad and put someone into blame. A lot of cursing and hate words were given to the person you once loved. People thinks irrationally and tend to do things dangerously. Some are thinking of Revenge. There are ways you can release your anger and it's normal to get angry. It's part of the healing process. Let out the painful feelings inside. Sabi nila  make a hate letter, kung gusto mo isend mo sa kanya or isulat mo sa journal mo or have someone like a friend na maging shock and anger absorber mo.

3rd Stage: Bargaining or Compromising
You're trying to win him/her back. It's kind of pathetic asking for something and you know you'll never gonna get it. I may have compromised for a friendship kahit yun na lang pero it won't last. May mangyayari at mangyayari para masira yun. Based on experience lang.

Fourth Stage: Depression
Feel the pain. It is okay to cry and feel sorry for yourself. After a while, you'll get tired of all the thinking and crying. Most people wants to isolate themselves during this stage to think and let their emotions out. I know someone who hurt himself kapag depress. Naku mag-ingat, nakakabaliw ang heartache.

Fifth Stage: Acceptance
Believe it or not you'll eventually feel that it is over. You'll finally not feel anger or sad thinking about the situation. This is the time you'll think you're free and ready to see the world again. You'll get to realize how stronger a person you are overcoming that heartache. Ewan ko lang kung hindi ka mapagod kakaiyak at kakaisip kaya iaccept mo na lang na wala na, end na.. period.

One thing I can say about moving on, it doesn't require somebody new to finally say you have move on. I know some people says nakamove on na sila kasi inlove na sila ulit. I find it weird kasi parang you can't finally say you're ok kung walang kapalit yung dati. It doesn't mean being alone equates to loneliness. You can be unattached and be happy with your friends, family and of course with yourself. From my experience, having a good support system really helped a lot to easily let go. Salamat at may matyatyaga akong friends na hindi nagsawa sa pakikinig ng walang kawenta-wentang hinaing at sama ng loob ko. hahaha! thanks guys! I really appreciate the time and the advices. Makulit lang ako pero sinunod ko naman kayo di ba? To easen up the process, one thing na nakatulong sa akin is magpalit ng routine. If you're doing things with him/her before, try changing it. Don't go to places that will make you remember her/him. Go out with your friends. Pag heartbroken ako mas adventurous ako, so gala and shopping lang ang katapat nyan. Kung makikita mo naman sya, deadma lang, hindi ko hahayaang sumikip ang mundo ko ng dahil sa kanila. Yes, i have setbacks and I do feel sometimes annoyed and a bit angry pero it's normal naman di ba? I may have forgiven but I will never forget everything that has been said against me. Hindi ko na ieelaborate kasi baka maiba na yung title ng post ko. lol! 

"what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" -narinig ko lang to at hindi ko alam kung kanino galing.


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