Accessory finds

I have new accessories finds that I want to share with you. I don't know why I feel so kikay when I'm wearing one. hahaha! Anyways, I bought some new rings and a necklace from our suki store in 168 mall. Last friday, me with my friends went to Divisoria to finish our Christmas shopping and syempre hindi kami uuwi ng hindi dadaan sa accessory store. Here are my purchases:



afro girl

this is my favorite! the stacker ring...
My favorite in the bunch is the stacker ring. I also bought a necklace. I don't know why I like necklace with feathers. I find them cute lang! =) Ang hindi ko lang keri isuot ay feather earrings, hindi kasi talaga ko mahilig maghikaw.
I'll try to post an otd post (pag kumapal mukha ko) wearing my accessories. =)


Toeot : do-it yourself sandals

TOEOT Sandal is a new concept of footwear from Korea. It's funky and trendy looking designs which by the way you can create in different styles according to your taste. This will surely be an instant hit for adults and kids alike.

Got Intrigued with these sandals that I finally purchased one for me and another one for my sister. I picked the gray one for me and the yellow one for my sister so that we can interchange straps for other designs.

The Toeot Sandals consists of different sizes of straps and the rubber soles. It is funky, lightweight and comfy to the feet. I tried to create styles from basic to kriss-cross style. Here are some of the samples:

Having different styles of sandals for a price of one is indeed a good find! 


Corregidor Adventure Challenge

We are a fan of buying promo deals from group buying sites. Months ago, Pakyaw had a Corregidor Adventure promo that you can avail for only 998php/person. 52% off from the original price of 2098 php, such a great deal, right? Corregidor Adventure is one way of seeing Corregidor in a different light with physically and mentally challenges ala Amazing Race style.

Corregidor Island is a tadpole shaped island located at the entrance of Manila Bay. It was once the headquarters of the Allied Forces during World War II. It is a place for the memorial of the courage, heroism and bravery of the Filipino and US soldiers who bravely held their grounds on the overwhelming number of Japanese invaders. It is a definitely a historic landmark in our country. One way to learn about our history is by visiting the island of Corregidor.

Everyone were excited for this adventure trip, though some of us were a bit hesitant of not making through the challenges, we still go for it just for fun. Last Nov. 19, we gathered at CCP Bay Terminal at Sun Cruise Ticketing office to get our tickets for the trip.

By 7:30 a Sun Cruise service jeep fetched us to drop us in Sun Cruise docking Area near the Jumbo Palace. By 8am we were cruising Manila bay.
wearing love and peace.. positivity day!

An hour of cruising and we arrived in the island.  Upon arriving, we still got the chance to take some shots while waiting for the briefing.

Everyone who will do the adventure trip gathered in the waiting shed near the docking area for the briefing. (Madami kasi gustong magback out.. haha!) After all the hesitation, we all agreed to join the challenge.
adventure kit


warming up (seriously?!)
A tramvia fetched us to the starting point of the challenge. There are 4 groups, and we are 12 in our group (red team). We were given adventure kit with poweraide drinks and flashlights.  The race  takes an average of 2.5 to 3 hours to complete. Before starting the challenge we had a little warm up (na hindi namin sineryoso...haha!) And then, the race began.

The objective of the challenge is to look for maps and clues by completing physical and mental tasks in a short period of time. The team that will win will get a shirt  and if that team break the  time record  of 1 hour 20 mins, they'll get to spend an overnight in Corregidor Inn.
duck tunnel

deciphering a code

our fave game!

Places for the challenge are the spot that are not  usually open for the public. Each spot we went through has a corresponding map or clue that we need to complete to be able to get to the next destination. Some need to stimulate your mind, and some need a strategic decision making and team effort to complete each task. We went looking for  clues at the battery emplacement, battery grubs, crawling in the duck tunnel, trekking in the forest, climbing the lighthouse, racing through the ruins. It was a physically challenging for me. I was grasping for air and sweating all over but it didn't stop me from finishing the race. I was having fun! =)

eternal flame

It was tiring and breath taking (kulang talaga kami sa exercise) and we were soaking wet from sweat. The free shirt is our ultimate motivation.. haha! It was uber fun! and what makes it more fun... we won the challenge! (kami na ang ayaw manalo!)

so pagod!
After the race, we were dropped off near the beach to have our lunch. The food was not so good, we're just so tired and starving from all the challenges that we were able to finish the packed lunch. After lunch, I don't have the energy to take some pictures and it was scorching hot too. We just had a chit-chat while waiting for the tram to pick us up. By 2:30, we are already on board and ready to go back to Manila.
the winning team!

what I took home..
For those who have never been to Corregidor, it's a good way to learn history. I recommend this for a team building activities or barkada who are looking for a different kind of gimik.

For inquiries or reservations contact (632) 527-5555 ext. 4511/4512/4515 or (632) 834-6657-58 / 831-8140. E-mail: corregidortours@ suncruises.com.ph or visit www.corregidorphilippines.com

picture credits to sir hugh and joel. (I grabbed some of your pics from facebook, thanks!)