Let's get organize!

From my previous post, I bought organizers to help me organize some of my things. Here's the End result.
my drawer
organize! gang kelan kaya?
shoe organizer
I spent my Sunday afternoon organizing my things, it's my stress reliever.  The drawer organizer, I bought it in Daiso and the shoe organizer was from Divisoria mall. I put my shoe organizer under my bed for easy access. Paminsan-minsan gusto ko magpaka-OC. hehe!

Saturday shopping in Festival Mall

Yesterday, my niece (paulline) and I went to Festival mall to shop for her school supplies. Oo, ganun ako kabait na tita =) It's like our little bonding kasi sya lang ang hindi makulit isama sa mall.. hehe! On our way pa lang, I'm already hungry, naglapse na yung kinain ko 2 hours ago.. hehe! Pagdating ng mall, kumain agad kami sa tokyo-tokyo. It was Paulline's first time kasi usually pag kids ang kasama sa jollibee kami kumakain. So I ask her kung magToko-tokyo kami, and natawa ako sa kanya "tita, hindi ak marunong magchopstick!". She tought kasi na pag dun kakain kailangan magchopstick. Kids talaga, they never fail to make me laugh. I was glad she liked the food especially the beef misono and the veggies. After eating we headed to 3rd floor and looked for the Samsung Galaxy Ace. After canvassing for the cheaper price, I decided to purchase it in Wireless shop. Parang mas excited pa sa kin si Paulline.. hehe!
naiinip habang hinihintay yung phone ko
After buying the phone, we headed to National bookstore to buy for her school supplies. Nakakamiss to, ang sarap ng amoy ng bagong school supplies. Parang gusto ko ulit mag-aral. 
By the way, if you plan to shop in Muntinlupa, you have to bring bags to put your purchases because they have an ordinance prohibiting the use of plastic bags. They will put your purchases on paper bags. Kaya it's best if you bring your own bag kasi mahirap kung medyo mabigat yung pinamili mo baka masira agad yung paper bag. 
After National we went to Daiso, a Japanese 88 store. Ang daming good finds =) Naghanap ako ng bag holder pero out of stock. Matagal ko ng plano iorganize yung laman ng cabinet ko, then I saw these.

undies organizer
drawer dividers
I also saw this card holder. cute noh? And brent's toy.
card holder
After going to Daiso we went to the 2nd floor to window shop. We were looking for her school bag pero wala pa sya magustuhan. So sabi ko next week na lang. Sale pala sa Festival mall for 3 consecutive weekends kaya it is very timing for the coming schoolyear. We stopped in Penshoppe when I saw  this blouse. Naku pahirap kasi sa office, need na namin magsemi-formal attire. Bawal na ang shirts, kailangan may mga collars na. Eh medyo tumataba na ko kaya masikip na yung mga collared shirt ko, so I decided to buy this.

It was a nice Saturday afternoon with Paulline. We had fun and masarap kasama sa kainan, hindi namimili and kahit ano gusto subukan. Siguro dahil lumalaki na sya, actually nagdadalaga na kaya iba na din mga trip nya. Ambilis ng panahon, dati sinasama ko lang sya sa outing ng tropa at sinasayawan lang nya kami ngayon malaki na sya. Malapit na din magkaboyfriend, naku naman... uunahan pa ata ako. hehe!

Samsung Galaxy Ace...you're now mine!

my new love

After three years of using my Nokia 7210 Supernova, I'm ready to use another phone para maging updated naman. Yesterday, I purchased one of Samsung's four midrange Android phones which is the Galaxy Ace. For the past few weeks I was itching to buy it because I've read good reviews of the phone. Some says it'll be a run out of money for its competitors kasi nga naman Galaxy Ace offers what other android phones have and mas cheaper sya unlike those phones.  It has a big touchscreen display and runs Android 2.2 froyo. Here's the full specs of the phone. I love that there are a lot of android application that can you can download for free in the android market and currently i'm addicted to angry birds.. hehe! 
The box include the phone unit with a white back cover , a spare black cover, charger, earphone, usb connector, quick start guide, software installer, micro sd (2 gb). You can use up to 32 gb micro sd. Astig di ba? 
it resembles to Iphone
the back (white glossy back cover)
samsung home screen
the menu screen
the minimize 3 menu screens
It's a user friendly phone, hindi sya mahirap inavigate. Medyo nakakapanibago lang magtext because I'm not used to touchscreen and qwerty keypad. I'm loving  my new phone =)

Here's a video review of the phone for those who are interested. 


truly madly deeply.... chos!

I was watching tv and browsing the channels when I saw Papa Piolo singing "truly madly deeply" in ASAP. Natawa lang ako kasi I remember someone. Someone from the past who gave me a note na may "truly madly deeply" na  nakasulat. Isang malaking chos! hehe! Hay naku, listen to this song na nga lang. =)



Gary's Spongebob Party

the birthday boy

We were able to pull off a surprise birthday party for our supervisor last friday night during our team building. We brought the party favors without our supervisor knowing what's we're up to. From the balloons to our yellow shirts, everything was planned. He was a bit curious about the yellow shirt, coz most of us was wearing yellow at the office. We just told him if he hadn't read our mail about wearing yellow coz everyone knew about it. 
the group picture

When we arrived at Dangsky Resort, some of us locked ourselves in one of the rooms to prepare for the things needed in the surprise party. We had a plan, we thought of asking some errands to Sir Gary so that he can leave the place and we can start preparing. After he'd gone out, everyone was busy preparing the party favors, cupcakes, banners, balloons, food  and lootbags... the works talaga!  We turn the lights off and prepared a birthday song in the videoke. When he went back we surprise him by singing the "happy birthday song". He was surprised and happy, which is our goal. He can't believe that we made a surprise celebration for him. Uber like nya yung concept, a kiddie party at his age. hehe! We're so happy he liked what we did.
Ang daming food, inihaw na liempo and tilapia, hotdogs and spaghetti, ang yummylicious adobo by ate sylvia, apple mangoes with bagoong that I really liked and syempre mawawala ba ang inuman. Dalawang group magkaiba ng iniinom (the bar and empi lights), nagdodouble court si ayen. hehe!
ang handa.. bow!

Everyone enjoyed the night, may games, videoke, swimming, inuman. A night full of fun and laughter. And here are some proofs...
buhol-buhol game

Ako na uber excited everytime na may team building is looking forward for another one. Caliraya naman tayo! =)

Dangsky Resort

After shift last friday, we headed to Calamba, Laguna to have our team building at Dangsky Resort. Dangsky resort is a private pool The place is quite big for a group of 18. There are 3 rooms with bunk beds, 2 toilets and 3 shower rooms and a big parking lot. You can sing all you want in the unlimited videoke machine and you can play billiards with your friends. There is a huge picnic table and a very accessible dirty kitchen. And of course, the thing that I enjoyed the most is the big pool.
Ang sarap magswim.. kahit medyo buwis buhay kasi ang lalim ng tubig para sa height ko. Hindi talaga effective ang cherifer! hmp!

Spongebob loot bags

Last saturday, me and my friends (which are also my teammates) decided to give our Supervisor a surprise birthday party. We all agreed to Spongebob as the theme of the party. And of course, what is the best place to look for party favors? Divi Mall! Did you know that the basement floor of that mall where the wet market is, you can find a lot of knick-knacks that can be used for theme parties? I was assigned for the game prizes and these are the things I bought.
stress balls
pocket mirrors
foldable fans
the loot bags
For the prizes, we chose things that can be used at work. Achieve na achieve ang Spongebob kiddie party for Sir Gary!


Mo twister's sweet tweet for Rhian

photo credit here (at sila pala ang magkasama sa santorini)

 I know I'm kinda late to blog this kasi uber busy sa office (kunwari!) and for our upcoming team building. When I knew the news about mo and rhian's alleged break-up I felt kinda sad. Oo, ako na affected! Sobrang like ko kasi si Mo Twister and been a listener on his morning show and his podcast for years. When I read his tweet for Rhian, it confirmed the news that they broke up. Ang daming revelation ng tweet na to pero this is one of the sweetest words I've read and it melts my heart.

"I saw an old strand of your hair in the shower this evening. I miss you. Good night…
Ive been home for days in darkness. Not going outside in case you come home. Goodnight…..
Today I remembered when I picked you up at the Amsterdam airport. I had flowers, you were wearing all black. We kissed in public for the 1st time. It was amazing. Goodnight….
We spent the night on a bench in Central Park, right after going to the Apple Store at 2am to check the iPhone 4. I left a message in the inbox of the display phone for you to read. Please never forget. Goodnight….
I have mole right next to my upper lip. I always thought it was a blackhead but you insist it’s a mole and kiss it all the time. Goodnight….
We used to do crossword puzzles side by side and even over the phone. We graduated into other things like Monopoly, Boggle, and Hidden Objects. These were simple games but we made an awesome team. I miss you, Goodnight….
Every country we visited, we kissed a lot. Especially reaching over the table at one of those fancy restaurants. We always kissed. There was never enough of it. Goodnight….
We checked into our hotel in Athens Greece and we told them we were on our honeymoon just so we could possibly get an upgrade. We ended even getting assigned a butler. We called for room service and the operator answered, “Yes Mrs Gumatay?” And you always got a kick out of that. Goodnight. I miss you….
You were intern “Denise” on my the Podcast during the first week, taking calls and you were so good at it. You helped shape the story to make it interesting. Goodnight, I miss you.I would never rudely wake you up. It was always a slow, gentle process. “Im sorry to wake you, my love.” With hugs, kisses, and pats on the head. When you stand, I’d kneel down and put the sandals on your feet. every single time. I miss you. Goodnight…
I was in Paris, you were in Singapore. We were talking on the phone as we usually do and I wanted to get you a bag. So you went into the store and I went into the store to look at the same bag, style, and colour. When you decided which one you liked, I bought it, on the other side of the world. It was fun, because we made our distance closer and an activity I enjoyed together. Goodnight I miss you….
October 2010. Your birthday month. I made sure that every week you got some really great gift. Your birthday never ended. Weeks past, and I’d still greet you. I miss you. Goodnight….
Tosh.0 was favorite our show. We’d order some expensive restaurant delivery food, sit on our huge dining room and watch and laugh. Crab, we had crab, big ones. It didn’t matter how much it cost, I would pay nearly anything to see you happy at home. I miss you. Goodnight….
You would write on the bathroom mirror with crayon. They were great pieces of artwork—worthy of the Louvre. And I never erased it. I’d hold on to it until the condensation would take it away. Then, you’d make your next creation. I especially loved the one when you drew an outline of me so when I got home, it said “Stand here” and I’d stand in it. And there was a kiss waiting for me because of the position I was in. I miss you.Goodnight….
We were walking in Paris on our first night there and we came across a street called Rue De Rohan. We said, “that’s our street” because of the play on our names. We kept repeating the street name over and over throughout our trip. Goodnight, I miss you….
We first started holding hands in public that day we went to Ansons near Glorietta. I was really happy. We were holding hands in the car, we usually then “break” when we get out. But today, you didn’t care. You held it even inside and I was thrilled. A big victory that day. I miss you, Goodnight….
You were in New York for work, I was in Manila. I decided to make dinner reservations at Nobu in Manhattan. I booked a flight and headed 20hrs your way for dinner that night. I was already wearing a suit coat rushing from the airport because I didn’t want to be late for this fancy restaurant, stormed into the hotel room to see if you were ready and there you were in your bathrobe. We could have missed our reservations and I wouldn’t have cared, it was just great to see you. I miss you. Goodnight….
You came w/ me to a meeting for Podcast sponsors. I was supposed to make a presentation and as I tried connecting with them, you blurted out an idea of yours and they loved it. You started taking over the presentation and everyone was so amazed at what you had to say. Youre so smart and I miss you. Goodnight….
You got the new car and wanted so much to drive it. So we were in Tagaytay driving around and you did such a great job. Rarely was I ever scared, you were so happy about the car. I miss you, goodnight…"
Mo Twisters Scandalous Tweet Link:http://www.tweetdeck.com/twitter/djmotwister/~CM2Gi

I also saw him crying on cam in "juicy" while being asked by his co-hosts about the issue. It was a different  Mo that I saw, not the loud, tackless and sarcastic one but a devastated and in pain Mo. Grabe! It takes to be a real man to cry in public over a girl. Ang haba naman ng hair ni Rhian. Tama nga para sa matatapang lang ang love. haaiisst! I feel for you Mohan. Oo, feeling close lang! Nakakarelate lang...Ooopppss! hindi na ko magwewento at baka magkabahaan pa ng luha dito. =)


Dora's kwento for mother's day...

Yesterday, my friends and I went to 168 to do our shopping for our upcoming team building.  They saw these Buddha figurine in one of the stores and haggled for a lower price. I thought of buying the same figurine for my mom (swerte daw kasi yun sabi ni cindy) and it'll be my gift to her on Mother's day. I was hoping yesterday that my mom would like it. I was having a hard time what to give to her kasi, because I give the usual things to her like wallet, clothes or shoes. Mas mahirap bilihan ng gift si Mama kesa kay Papa. When I got home, I gave her my gift (hindi ko na talaga binalot.. hehe!) and she liked it. She asked me to put it in their bedroom on top of their tv cabinet.
mr. buddha
My sister gave my mom a wallet. Kaya we joked na ang swe-swerte ng gift nya. My dad gave her roses  and the cabbage looking flower (sorry mukha kasi talagang repolyo.. hehe!) and take note sya ang nag-arrange nung roses. Effort di ba? I was laughing when my dad told me she left the flowers on the bedside table and I asked why he didn't personally gave the flowers to mom, para daw masurprise. If I know may LQ sila. haha! Paromantic effect pa eh yearly  yun naman ang gimik nya!
the flowers 

the cabbage looking flower
Balak kong arborin yung cabbage looking flower kasi nagblu-blue sya eh sabi ni Br. Ben kung gusto ko mahanap ang boyfriend maglagay ako ng blue or white flower sa North part ng room ko. hehe!

mother's gift from Puregold
This afternoon my mom went to Puregold para maggrocery and they have this promo for Mother's day. They were giving this little gift (toiletries) to a mother who purchased groceries for 1k and up. And syempre pagdating sa bahay pinaghatian namin nina ate yung laman. Hiningi ko kay mudra yung olay cream. =)

It is right to give a special day for all the mother's in the world kasi iba yung hardwork na binibigay  nila sa family... Hardwork na walang kapalit, for the love of lang talaga. Yung gifts na binibigay natin I know they appreciate those pero mas naappreciate siguro nila yung effort and thoughtfulness na pinapakita natin sa kanila. It's our way to show how important Mom's are. And I would never trade a thing for my mom. =) I love her to bits..

Happy Mother's Day Mudra!

si mudra
I call her "mama" pero pag nakatalikod sya "mudra" ang tawag ko sa kanya. For 20 years, tumayo syang ama't ina sa aming 2 magkapatid kasi nasa malayo nagwowork si papa. Halos lahat ng kailangan sa bahay sya ang gumagawa kahit mag-ayos ng sirang gamit, kuryente o kahit anong bagay na pwede nyang gawin. Mana daw ako kay mama kasi madami kaming parehong ugali, una na pagiging topakin. Mahilig din kami pareho sa mga arts and crafts basta yung may mga binubutingting, magkasundo kami dyan. Kakaiba yung ibang hilig nya kasi mahilig yan mag PS2, daig pa ko nyan maglaro ng video games. Ang hinihingi nya ngang gift sa birthday nya ay PSP. San ka pa?! Mahilig din sya magluto kaya hindi ka magugutom kapag kasama mo sya. Sabi nga nya magtipid na sa ibang bagay hwag lang sa pagkain. Kita mo naman ako lang ang medyo payat sa amin.
one happy BIG family
Si mudra, over protective yan na madalas namin pag-awayan dati kasi dapat laging saktong oras ang uwi mo. Kahit hanggang ngayon mega patext yan kay ate para alamin kung anong oras ako uuwi. Medyo lie low na sya ngayon at nakakauwi na kami ng late. Kahit minsan alam mong galit sya sa'yo kasi may ginawa kang hindi maganda, mararamdaman  mo pa din na nag-aalala sya kung may natira bang pagkain para sa'yo or kung may babaunin ba kong food sa office.
mama and papa
     I'm so lucky having you as my mom. Though hindi tayo ganun kavocal sa pagsasabi ng mga feelings natin, I appreciate every little thing you do for us. Kahit minsan nagkakatampuhan tayo pero kahit hindi ako mag-sorry you never fail to show your love for me. Thanks for the unconditional love.  Magpapakabait na ko. hehe! I love you. muah!


Amazing El Nido

view outside our cottage
If you backread my posts, you'll know how excited I am in our El Nido trip. I set my expectations high and El Nido didn't disappoint me. I so love El Nido that I don't want to leave.

After waiting for our friend's arrival, we headed our way to El Nido. It is a 5 hour drive from Puerto Princesa, long trip, right? You'll know how big Puerto Princesa is after 2 hours on the road and still you're in a part of Puerto Princesa. When we arrived to the district after Puerto Princesa, Roxas, we ate our dinner on our own account, then after dinner we continue traveling to El Nido. Traveling to El Nido is like a roller coaster ride because of the slopes and zig-zag road (taob ang Baguio sa zig-zag!). We asked our tour guide, Ian, why is it raining in some parts on our way to El Nido, he said that we are passing rain forests. Palawan is rich in different species of plants and trees and has the most virgin forests.
We arrived in El Nido at 11pm and stayed in Hadefe cottages which is part of our tour package, the road going there is so dark that I stumbled on the rocks on the beach. Kuya Ian told us if we wanted to pass at the back or the front of the cemetery and we chose to walk in front where the beach is. For a group of 7, we occupied two rooms in Hadefe. There were guests most are foreigners drinking outside their cottages with the tour guides of Hadefe, and shortly we were also drinking with them. After few bottles we decided to sleep to have energy for tomorrow's island hopping. Yipeee!
before boarding our boat
Early morning I woke up and look outside and it was so surreal waking up with the view like that. I took my GE X5 outside and start taking pictures at the view as if it will gonna run from me. hehe!  We ate our breakfast which is also included in our package and one of the kuya gave us fresh buko. After eating we got ready for our island hopping.
near the entrance of the small lagoon
riding the kayak going inside the small lagoon
@the big rock inside the small lagoon

Our first stop was the small lagoon, it was called small lagoon because of the small passage way of the lagoon. There are two ways to go inside the lagoon, first is by boarding on a kayak (rented for 700php) and second is by swimming.
@ simizu beach

Our next stop was in simizu beach, where we ate our lunch (included in our package). Our guide, kuya rommel, packed and cooked our meal. There are some tourists also having their lunch in simizu.  While waiting for our food to be cooked, it was a time for us go posing and shooting pictures. And when our lunch was ready, we forgot to take some photo because of our excitement for the yummy food that was served to us. They served us freshly grilled squids, crabs and porkchops with mangoes and vegetable salad. In simizu beach you can try snorkeling and fish feeding for it has great sea creatures underneath.
strong waves!.. buwis buhay pose ni cha! 
We headed to entalola island and did some photo shoot. Some of my friends tried kayaking and got scared a bit  because of the strong waves.
 @ SNAKE ISLAND, we found Patrick!
snake island view @ top of the hill
 We headed to snake island, there's no snakes though (it is called snake island because the island forms like a snake)  but we found Patrick, and of course we all did take pictures with the starfish. We also climbed the hill to see the view of the island.
snap shot by sheng
with the pricey coke
Our tour guide, Kuya Rommel, suggested that we should go to Seven Commando Island(named after the 7 commandos who lived in the island, their names printed on the rocks at the island)  to have some snacks (from our own account), thought we could try some good snacks but we're a bit disappointed that there's nothing different to eat. They sell chips, sodas and fresh buko. We were  thirsty so we bought softdrinks and surprised that it was a bit pricey (30php for a 12 oz bottle of coke).  There are a lot of foreigners beach bumming and sun bathing in the island, and we made friends with some of them.
Seven commando was our last stop and went back to the main land.  El Nido really captivated my heart and would really love to go back and explore more.

El Nido, can I take you home?

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