FB Profile Picture

I was browsing facebook (as usual) and saw my friend's profile pic.  I wonder how he did that so I checked his profile, and of course a new application is the answer. And because I'm so inggitera (hahaha!) I tried the application using my own pictures. And tarannnnnn!!!!! My new fun profile pic ! =)

my new profile pic on facebook
Here's how to make a profile pic like mine.
Search " Schweppes Profile App" on facebook and go to the application. It is advisable that you have the new facebook profile installed just like mine.
1. Upload your photo.
2. Adjust the picture (make it smaller or bigger) depends how you want your picture be shown.
3. Save the picture.
4. Tag yourself in the 5 smaller pictures from last to first.
5. Make the big picture as your profile pic.
then.. tadaaaaa! you now have the fun profile pic like mine.


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