Meet Dora's new baby!

Before 2010 has ended, an addition to our family came.. he's name is Brent.  The first time I laid my eyes on him, I just knew it.. It was love at first sight.  Who would have known that I'll gonna meet him in Baguio during my vacation with my friends. 

See how cute and adorable he is.  He is so malambing and makulit.  When I told my mom and my dad before that I wanted a dog, they were against about the idea but when I took Brent home, everyone were excited to cuddle and to play with him. He was now the center of attention in our home.

It's not that easy to have a pet dog.  For me, it's just like having a child of your own. Well, most of the time I call Brent "my baby" and I was her mom. He even have a "yaya".. my niece, who will walk with Brent outside and watch him while peeing and having a poo, hahaha!  The first time Brent got sick, i was really worried and have to go home early from work to see how he is. My dad took him on a vet clinic and the vet told him that Brent need confinement for a night because of high fever. He got few shots and we took him home since the confinement will cost much. Fortunately, Brent got well the next day, he was up and active again. Since then I regularly give him vitamins, food and water on time.

Last Christmas, I even bought him a Santa Claus outfit that irritated him so much. hehehe! But he was so cute and looks like a monkey when he wore that.  And he was wearing a jersey last New Year's eve which he really like.

I haven't been attached to a pet before.. but with Brent, it's really different. My days wouldn't be complete not seeing or playing with him.
I love Brent. ♥♥♥


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