Dora's kwento for mother's day...

Yesterday, my friends and I went to 168 to do our shopping for our upcoming team building.  They saw these Buddha figurine in one of the stores and haggled for a lower price. I thought of buying the same figurine for my mom (swerte daw kasi yun sabi ni cindy) and it'll be my gift to her on Mother's day. I was hoping yesterday that my mom would like it. I was having a hard time what to give to her kasi, because I give the usual things to her like wallet, clothes or shoes. Mas mahirap bilihan ng gift si Mama kesa kay Papa. When I got home, I gave her my gift (hindi ko na talaga binalot.. hehe!) and she liked it. She asked me to put it in their bedroom on top of their tv cabinet.
mr. buddha
My sister gave my mom a wallet. Kaya we joked na ang swe-swerte ng gift nya. My dad gave her roses  and the cabbage looking flower (sorry mukha kasi talagang repolyo.. hehe!) and take note sya ang nag-arrange nung roses. Effort di ba? I was laughing when my dad told me she left the flowers on the bedside table and I asked why he didn't personally gave the flowers to mom, para daw masurprise. If I know may LQ sila. haha! Paromantic effect pa eh yearly  yun naman ang gimik nya!
the flowers 

the cabbage looking flower
Balak kong arborin yung cabbage looking flower kasi nagblu-blue sya eh sabi ni Br. Ben kung gusto ko mahanap ang boyfriend maglagay ako ng blue or white flower sa North part ng room ko. hehe!

mother's gift from Puregold
This afternoon my mom went to Puregold para maggrocery and they have this promo for Mother's day. They were giving this little gift (toiletries) to a mother who purchased groceries for 1k and up. And syempre pagdating sa bahay pinaghatian namin nina ate yung laman. Hiningi ko kay mudra yung olay cream. =)

It is right to give a special day for all the mother's in the world kasi iba yung hardwork na binibigay  nila sa family... Hardwork na walang kapalit, for the love of lang talaga. Yung gifts na binibigay natin I know they appreciate those pero mas naappreciate siguro nila yung effort and thoughtfulness na pinapakita natin sa kanila. It's our way to show how important Mom's are. And I would never trade a thing for my mom. =) I love her to bits..


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