Return of the comeback!

Yes, I've returned! I'm back in Blogspot. yahooo! Months ago, I've made a blog in Wordpress pero ang nahirapan ako gamitin or magcustomize ng blog dun even the simple feedjit hindi ko magamit dun. It's easier here in Blogspot, mas madaming widgets na pwedeng gamitin. So I decided to put up a new blog here and transfer my posts from Wordpress. Matrabaho lang pero it will keep me busy and I know I'll be happy here. I was a blogger few years back, tinigilan ko lang kasi napapansin ko puro emo na mga posts ko dati. Now that my sanity's back, I'm ready to share all my adventures, good finds and everything that I find interesting to you guys. Hope you can relate sa mga ipoposts ko and free to put comments, I'd be happy to see them. =)

enjoy peeps! and welcome to "The Adventures of Dorang Gala" !!!

pati sa blog hindi mapakali si dorang gala.. =)


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