I love the Roloff!

I'm a self-confessed couch potato, and I can't live without tv. I enjoy watching than listening to music (pero pag emo moment.. kahit dumugo tenga sa music). There are only few channels that I tune-in and one of my favorite channel in cable is Discovery Home and Health because they were airing one of my favorite show. Do you know the Roloff's Family? They are the wonderful family in the reality tv "little people, big world". Matt and Amy (mom and dad) are both midget and has four kids: Jeremy and Zach (twins but not same, Jeremy being normal and Zach was born same as his parents), Molly and Jacob.
Just imagine how difficult it is to raise four children if the parents are not normal in height. From what Amy said, they can do things like normal people do they just do things in a different way.  I really admire how they manage to have a normal and happy life. They even manage to have a farm business which is really profiting a lot. Matt, the father, is a hardworking man, very innovative and good in taking risks, while Amy, the mother, is very motherly, understanding and supportive to his hubby and children.Just like a normal couple they have their ups and downs, but they compromise and try complementing each other. Their kids were really grounded, though they are living a comfortable life, they learned how to save and to live a simple life. Perseverance is what Amy and Matt try to instill to their children,  that they should never-never give up in attaining their dreams in life.
I hope to meet this family in the future. =) They are such an inspiration. Really love 'em.


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