Samsung Galaxy Ace...you're now mine!

my new love

After three years of using my Nokia 7210 Supernova, I'm ready to use another phone para maging updated naman. Yesterday, I purchased one of Samsung's four midrange Android phones which is the Galaxy Ace. For the past few weeks I was itching to buy it because I've read good reviews of the phone. Some says it'll be a run out of money for its competitors kasi nga naman Galaxy Ace offers what other android phones have and mas cheaper sya unlike those phones.  It has a big touchscreen display and runs Android 2.2 froyo. Here's the full specs of the phone. I love that there are a lot of android application that can you can download for free in the android market and currently i'm addicted to angry birds.. hehe! 
The box include the phone unit with a white back cover , a spare black cover, charger, earphone, usb connector, quick start guide, software installer, micro sd (2 gb). You can use up to 32 gb micro sd. Astig di ba? 
it resembles to Iphone
the back (white glossy back cover)
samsung home screen
the menu screen
the minimize 3 menu screens
It's a user friendly phone, hindi sya mahirap inavigate. Medyo nakakapanibago lang magtext because I'm not used to touchscreen and qwerty keypad. I'm loving  my new phone =)

Here's a video review of the phone for those who are interested. 


Potchoi Potchai said...

te ayen! angas! hahaha! magkano bayla mo teh??? astig! painom kana!

dorang gala said...

13,600. wala na papainom nasa phone na.. hehe! parang kaw ang dapat na magpainom.. bagong rebond ka daw weh =p

Anonymous said...

Ma'am, believe it or not burning trash/garbage is allowed in Muntinlupa.

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