Yes, it will save the World!

The Famous Planner
I've already mentioned about my super cool planner that I got last Christmas. I'll be bragging this planner right now .. and how much I enjoy using it. =)
the Relaks, Puso lang yan, malayo sa Bituka 2011 Planner
 This planner is being sold online by "witty will save the world" on facebook for 350 php only and they have instructions on how to get their planner. This is so much cheaper than the planners being sold in the bookstores or the free planner you'll get after ordering a lot of coffee, which you can just buy this planner for the price of 2 venti coffee.
the babala page
Before you use the planner, the "babala page" is a must read.
the personal info page
love history
Have I told you that this planner is for the heartbroken? *wink* The love history page contains all the symptoms of being inlove and the usual things you do when you're heartbroken.
date caption
I've read my planner from cover to cover.. parang pocketbook lang. You'll enjoy and laugh with the captions on some dates.
The maker of the planner "witty will save the world" is so creative in creating this planner that suits the single, heartbroken and bitter people. They had a good try in putting humor in a simple planner.I know I'm a little too late promoting the planner 'coz it's almost sold out even in their partner stores. But what did I say a while ago.. i'm bragging... only! waaah inggit! haha!


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