Team Building in Puerto Galera

team rowel @ batangas port
Last weekend, (feb. 26-27) my former team mates had our team building at Puerto Galera. We were supposed to meet at 7am at Buendia but since my team mates rendered 1 hour ot, they arrived late in the meeting place. I don't have enough patience to wait and was planning to head back home when Sheng (my teammate) texted me that they're already on their way.
puerto galera's white beach

Puerto Galera is situated in Oriental Mindoro. It is well-known for tourists because of snorkeling and many diving spots. It is a good weekend get away for people living in the Metro for it is just few hours away from Manila, just about 2 hours drive from Manila to Batangas Port and another 1 1/2 hour from the port to White Beach. First impression of the white beach is a bit discouraging, compared to other beaches I visited, Galera is just okay.
beach bumming
me with nette  
the buwis buhay post
There are many affordable accommodation to choose from but don't expect grand rooms waiting for you. Filling up your empty stomach is not a big problem 'coz there are a lot of restaurants and bars to dine in. After eating our late lunch we just spent the afternoon beach bumming and photo shooting.  I used my Ge x5 in taking pretty descent pictures and it didn't disappoint me.
emo pose
 The night life in Puerto Galera is so alive with different beat from music, fire dancers and gay performances. There's a popular drink in Puerto Galera, the Mindoro sling, a local drink made of citrus juices and vodka that made most of the party people gone crazy. We saw girls lying on the sand and some are vomiting  because of the drinking. We also heard that during wee hours of the night there are a lot of crazy things happening at the famous boulder of stone at the end of white beach.  This is just an info we got from a gay that we befriended in Galera.
thirdie loving the mindoro sling
Some of us decided not to go partying, instead we headed to our rooms and slept because most of my friends haven't slept yet because they're on the night shift the night before. Most of the boys gone drinking and partying that night that some of them slept already in the morning. When we woke up, we just had our breakfast and go beach bumming and the non stop clicking and posing to the camera. We don't have much time to do beach activities because we were scheduled to go home after lunch. Some of my teammates tried riding the banana boat which I wasn't able to join because I'm already packing my things. At 1:30 pm we already boarded on the ferry-boat going to Batangas Port and arrived at the port at 3:15 pm.
more pictures from my ge x5

Here are the details of my expenses:
bus fares (manila to batangas port- vice versa)               334 php
ferry-boat ( two-way)                                                         460 php
environmental fee                                                                50 php
accommodation (1500 php/6 pax)                                     250 php
food: (group lunch)                                                             140 php
dinner (courtesy of our sup) chip in for the excess             70 php
breakfast (group)                                                                 88 php
drinks (1.5 sprite = 60php /5pax)                                        12 php
scramble                                                                              25 php
shawarma                                                                            50 php
total :                                                                               1479 php

Though I wasn't able to do some beach activities, the bumming is quite a stress reliever and very cheap for having a stress free weekend!

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