Eruption of the Philippine Volcanoes!

If you're passing Edsa Guadalupe northbound lane, try driving safely. You might step on your break for a full stop because of the much talk about Bench billboard of the Philippine Rugby Team (thought it was the Azkals.. hehe!). Bench made Manila traffic more bearable for females and gays. They're sizzling hot! I hope they're not edited in photoshop. This is a good way promoting and asking for support for these athletes. These billboards are much talk about because of its size and detailed photos of the physiques of these men. OMG, they're really big. (yung muscles! hehe!) Among the Pinoy rugby players featured in the billboard are Fil-Aussies Francisco Bagis Guerra IV, Chris Alamil Everingham, Oliver Joseph Abalos Saunders, Jake Robrigado Letts, Michael De Guzman, Ned Plarizan Stephenson, Nicholas Ergina Perry; Fil-Chinese Daaran Seeto, and Fil-New Zealander Arnold Aninion.
Billboard: nakakahimatay! mag-ingat...
This will be a good wallpaper for my phone and laptop..for motivation and inspiration. hahaha!  Balita ko pwede iavail ang poster calendar ng PRFU any Bench or Bench Body stores nationwide. Kaya tara na!
Again.. be careful driving! 


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