Something Blue: This is not a book review

I've already finished reading this book. It's a sequel of the book "Something Borrowed" written by Emily Griffin. Recently lang ginawang movie yung first book with Kate Hudson who played as Darcy. Kung sa first book ang bida ay si Rachel, dito sa 2nd book si Darcy naman ang bida. The first book is about how Rachel ended up with her bestfriend's (Darcy) fiance. The 2nd book tackles how Darcy's life after Dex and Rachel, how Darcy redeem herself from all the chaotic events that happen to her. This is a story of betrayal, redemption and forgiveness.
I stayed late last night just to finish the book. Kaya sabi sa office parang mugto ang mata ko kasi naiyak ako dun sa part na nagkaayos na si Rachel and Darcy and how she ended up with Ethan. Despite what Rachel and Darcy have gone through, at the end mas nanaig yung friendship nila. The book shows what truly matters in life. At tama na naman na it doesn't require to have someone new to move on. And sometimes yung mga taong iniignore mo dati sila pa din ang tutulong sa panahong kailangan mo ng kadamay.
Sana gawin ding movie to. hehe! Thumbs up for Emily Griffin. Makakarelate ka the way she told the story and you'll get something to learn from her stories.

After Sophie Kinsella, mukhang ang susunod kong icocollect ay Emuly Griffin books naman!

"Love and Friendship... they are what make us who we are, and what can change us...if we let them"
- something blue


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