Gaga turns Gago at the VMA 2011

Everyone was waiting for Lady Gaga's outfit for the VMA 2011. And to our surprise, she dressed as her male alter ego "Jo Calderone". Gaga is in character! Muntik ko na syang hindi makilala. Lady Gaga este Jo Calderone presented the special tribute to Britney Spears. I thought magkakaron ng part two ang Madonna-Britney controversial kiss. hehe!

And watch Lady Gaga's performance of You and I.

Here's are some photos in the VMA 2011.

Britney and Jo Calderone (lady gaga)

the ex-lovers ( joe jonas and demi lovato)

justin bieber and selena gomez

matrona much (vanessa hudgens)


selena gomez (mas like ko sya pag pa sweet un outfit nya)

miley cyrus (mas gusto ko sya dati.. feeling matanda na kasi sya ngayon!)


lady gaga with the jersey girl who i don't know

ashley tisdale

devi lovato (why do they want to look old?!)

the new mrs. humphreys

katie holmes

niki minaj ( another gaga?!)

katy perry (love love!)

britney spears (looking good)

the great adele!
I need to catch the replay.. hopefully meron on weekends. =)


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