Hating this time of the month!

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One thing I really hate being a girl is having my monthly period. Is this the perks of being a woman?! Sa nyo na kasi I hate it! Okay lang naman na dumating sya pero sana naman wala ng kasamang pain. Bukod sa hindi ako makakilos ng maayos, uber iritable talaga ko! Topak moment talaga 'ko! Parang hindi na ko nasanay, every month ganito lagi ang eksena. Namimilipit ako dahil sa menstrual cramps! Sabi ni mama, nagmana daw ako sa kanya 'coz she had experience having dysmenorrhea during her days and mas malala pa.  I wonder if having dysmenorrhea can be acquired from genes. Ang dami naman ipapamana (sana boobies na lang.. hehe), bakit heto pa?!

To know more about dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps), I researched some of the causes and treatment of it.

Here are some causes of it:

-due to urine muscle contractions
-genetic factors (so totoo talagang namamana to)
-abnormalities in arteris of uterus
-emotional stress (ayan, bawal ang emo)
-obessity or rapid weight loss
-excessive exercise

Some of the treatments and preventions:
- proper diet; they include eating plenty of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and avoiding saturated fats and commercial junk foods.
- reducing caffeine and alcohol.
- sexual activity. (sus! paano na?!) There have been reports that orgasm reduces the severity of menstrual cramps. (next, moving on..)
- applying heat is an effective way in reducing menstrual cramps.(effective nga to, yung mga hot compress or warm bath)

If ever you're experiencing severe pain, might visit a doctor to check it out.
"Prevention is better than cure"


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