The Modern Family : funny series

Yay! I'm kinda addicted to this series. I stumbled upon this show when I was channel surfing, it was a habit of mine whenever I'm holding the remote..hehe! And from then on, I started to download the first season, and still downloading all the episodes from season 2 up to the present.

This series explores the everyday life of different modern families.  It is about three families from the Pritchett Clan, which shows how dysfunctional families can face the challenges that they encounter . Every episode were presented in a humorous manner but told with a heart. 

Modern Family swept the recent Emmy's Awards Night winning five awards — Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for Julie Bowen; Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy for Ty Burrell (yey! for the Dunphy!) ; Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series for Michael Spiller; Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series for Steve Levitan and Jeffrey Richman and — the big gun — Outstanding Comedy Series. It is two consecutive years that they got the Outstanding Comedy Series. Group Hug! Sofia Vergara (Gloria) is my bet for next year for the outsanding actress for a comedy series. She was hilariously funny!

Beside chick flick series, this kind of series I enjoyed the most. Laugh trip kasi!
More new tv shows to tackle on my next posts. Wait lang kayo. =)


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