Penshoppe Glam Shoes

Since our company is implementing a new dress code, I needed to buy a pair of close shoes that I can use at work. Goodbye to my sneakers and comfy candy shoes! I was having a hard time looking for shoes because I only wear flats. Comfort is a must for me because I am regularly having long walks going to work. I don't wear heels 'coz it might be the cause of my death.. hahaha! Ang pangit naman " babae namatay dahil sa takong!" kung heto ang mababasa sa newspaper.

I've already seen these glam shoes from Penshoppe but I haven't tried it on before. But these shoes are pretty and looks comfy, so I bought one for myself.
my new glam shoes

Looks nice di ba? There are a lot of designs to choose from.  They also have the peep-toe shoes and uber cute talaga, kaya lang hindi ako sure kung pwede sa office. And these are so cheap! Kaya  go! Grab a one now.
and this is me.. so wasted! hahaha!


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