shopaholic series

I am currently reading the newest book from the shopaholic series.by sophie kinsella. If you're familiar with the movie "the confessions of a shopaholic" , you'll.know what I am talking about. It's about a girl who is a shopaholic. Most girls will.surely can relate to some of Rebecca Bloomwood's misadventures and how she went through with those mishaps. I admire the way Sophie Kinsella writes. She's witty and incredibly funny! According to the boston globe " she has the gift for comic writing". Aside from the shopaholic series, she also write other novels who also became bestsellers like: Can you keep a secret, the twenties girl and undomestic goddess. I am sure that you'll gonna laugh your heart out reading thise novels, so try visit a nearby bookstore and grab those books.

kaya ko pala magblog ng nakahiga gamit ang fone.

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