Witty Will Save the World back to school promo

Witty has a good news! They're bringing back the "akala mo lang wala nang slumbook, pero meron, meron, meron! the tanso edition" for the celebration of Witty's 21st monthsary. But wait there's more.. for every 5 slumbooks you purchase, you get 1 for free! It is very timing for the start of schoolyear. So what are you waiting for? Tell your friends and classmates to buy one so you can start signing each other slumbooks. Hmmm.. syempre save a space for your crush ng magkaalaman na kung uubra kayong prom queen and king sa JS Prom. =)
How to order? Click this link. Check the how to buy tab for ordering info. Promo Period: June 13-19, 2011 only.


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